Individual Customers

Our law office provides a wide range of services for individual customers, offering legal assistance in many areas of law

Civil law

- representation before courts of all instances,
- drafting and reviewing of contracts,
- investigation of claims arising from contracts,
- compensation for traffic accidents,
- protection of personal rights,
- issues arising from property law: the protection of property rights, ownership, easements, land registers,
- declarations of inheritance, distribution of the estates to the heirs, legitim matters,
- divorces and separations, division of joint property among the spouses,
- Preparation of lawsuits, appeals, grievances, complaints and all other pleadings,
- Legal advice..

Criminal law

- Defense in the investigatory, judicial and executive proceedings,
- Representing the victim in the investigation and before the court,
- claiming damages from business fraud.

Individual Customers

Individual clients are extremely important to us.
We try to solve your legal problems efficiently and effectively, guided by your interest and benefit.
We assist mainly in civil, criminal and family matters.

Business Clients

We provide services for business people and commercial companies.
We offer constant legal assistance, however we accept one-off orders as well.
We also provide services at your location on request

Debt collection

Our office provides assistance in arbitration and judicial recovery of debts arising from business transactions. Rich experience in this field allows us to constantly improve the recovery process and to protect customers against debtors paddocks, aimed at avoiding payment adjustments.