Debt collection

An unpleasant reality of undertaking business transactions in Poland can be delays in settling invoices by contractors. These delays can be caused by many factors: the common oversight of the date of payment, financial problems of business partner, and often his malice. Many years of experience in debt collection has allowed us to develop a recovery procedure, enabling the identification of the cause and taking effective measures, appropriate to the given situation.

As part of the recovery process, we offer among other things

- calling to the debtor to pay,
- negotiations with the debtor,
- representation in mediation proceedings,
- searching for the debtor's assets,
- seeking legal redress in the courts,
- initiation of enforcement proceedings,
- supervision and monitoring of the enforcement and the actions taken by the bailiff,
- preparing notifications of a crime and client representation in criminal proceedings in cases where the debtor might commit a fraud

We try to lead the recovery process in such a way to get the best result at the lowest possible financial involvement of our customers. We also help foreign entities in debt collection from Polish debtors.


Individual Customers

Individual clients are extremely important to us.
We try to solve your legal problems efficiently and effectively, guided by your interest and benefit.
We assist mainly in civil, criminal and family matters.

Business Clients

We provide services for business people and commercial companies.
We offer constant legal assistance, however we accept one-off orders as well.
We also provide services at your location on request

Debt collection

Our office provides assistance in arbitration and judicial recovery of debts arising from business transactions. Rich experience in this field allows us to constantly improve the recovery process and to protect customers against debtors paddocks, aimed at avoiding payment adjustments.